Our Contribution to Circular Fashion

We are pleased to share our participation in a groundbreaking initiative under the framework of the Circular Fashion Pact of Catalonia.

A strategic alliance for sustainability

Together with prestigious brands such as Mango, Boboli, Simorra, Sita Murt, System Action and Yerse, and in synergy with the Catalan Fashion Cluster - Clúster Catalán de la Moda (Modacc), we are committed to transforming the post-consumer recycled textile industry.

This joint effort, supported by a grant from the Agència de Residus de Catalunya and the Departament d'Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural (DACC) of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is a step towards a circular economy.

Friday 15 December: a promising beginning

The opening ceremony took place on Friday 15 December at the Mango facilities. It was a significant moment that marked the beginning of our journey towards circularity.

Our essence: innovation and sustainability

At Hilaturas Jesús Rubio, we play a vital role in spinning and converting textile waste into premium yarns. In collaboration with key companies, we will ensure that every step, from collection to manufacturing, is carried out sustainably and efficiently.

The road to eco-design

We aim to ensure that recycled materials are integrated into new collections, providing advice and support in eco-design for brands starting their journey towards circularity.

A project with a futuristic vision

This project not only elevates Hilaturas Jesús Rubio and the Catalan textile sector but also sets a precedent for the industrialisation of textile recycling, promising to introduce thousands of recycled garments to the market in this first phase.

Adaptation and leadership

We adapt to new legislative requirements and reaffirm our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our processes are aligned with the latest regulations.

Celebrating the start of a new era

The event on 15 December was not only the start of a project but also a celebration of what we can achieve together. It represents our dedication and hope for a future where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand.

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