Participation in the anniversary of the Pacte per a la Moda Circular

Hilaturas Jesús Rubio, in collaboration with designer Sylvia Calvo BCN and Texfor (Confederación de la Indústria Textil), has been honoured to be part of the first anniversary of the Pact for Circular Fashion in Catalonia, an initiative that now has 101 signatories including brands such as Mango and Pronovias. This figure has doubled the original 50 that started just over a year ago.

The celebrated event took place at the Palo Alto Foundation, the same venue in which this initiative was conceived.

Isaac Peraire Soler, Director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia (Agència de Residus de Catalunya), was in charge of presiding over the event, which served to reflect on the actions carried out during this period and to establish future guidelines.

We had the pleasure of sharing table and debate with different representatives of the textile sector, such as Míriam Ponsa or entities such as the Generalitat and the Vallès Occidental Waste Consortium (Consorci de Residus del Vallès Occidental).

The Pact for Circular Fashion emerged with the aim of coordinating efforts to address the challenges of the sector and implement a clear vision towards a more sustainable and circular fashion.

This proposal has been recognised at the European level as one of the pilot actions in the field of the circular economy, highlighting its innovative nature and its ability to be implemented in other regions.

As participants and signatories of this pact, we will continue to strive to achieve these noble goals and support initiatives that will propel the textile industry towards a greener future.



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