Sustainability and circularity course

A new edition of the course on sustainability and circularity in textile industry businesses, delivered by David Allo, the director of the sustainability department at Texfor Sustainability Group, has successfully concluded.

The course's goal is to introduce students to current environmental policy legislation, circular economy concepts, the most significant eco-friendly materials, and sustainable technologies used by textile industry businesses.

The culmination of this course, funded by the Generalitat of Catalonia's Consorci per la Formació Continua, has been a visit to the factory Hilaturas Jess Rubio, which specializes in producing roofing materials out of recycled materials.

It is always interesting to see how what is learned in training is put to use in real life.

David Allo, the course instructor, explains that during the tour, "we saw how one can make reclaimed iron using various raw materials, including yute, post-consumer waste, recycled lana, etc." Allo and Hilados director Jess Rubio's wife, Pilar Rubio, gave the students an overview of recycling, carda processes, the best techniques for manufacturing reclaimed rubber, and techniques for repurposing waste from the hilado process into new products.

The attendees of this 40-hour course, which began on April 25, received the most recent information, as well as numerous resources and links to help them stay up to date on laws and regulations relating to sustainability and circularity in the textile industry.

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