Visit of US students

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, thanks to the collaboration between Eden Travel and the tireless Sylvia Calvo.

This event was an excellent opportunity to share our passion for textile craftsmanship and to show how tradition and innovation are intertwined in every yarn we produce.

About Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD)

Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) of Ferris State University is a prestigious educational institution located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializing in art and design. Founded in 1928, KCAD offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, fashion, fine art and architecture.

KCAD's integration with Ferris State University in 2000 has allowed the institution to expand its resources and improve its facilities, providing students with a hands-on, personalized learning environment.

With a focus on innovation and creativity, KCAD is noted for its active involvement in the local arts community and events such as ArtPrize, offering its students unique opportunities to develop their skills and prepare for successful careers in the world of art and design.

Discovering the art of spinning

During the visit, the students were able to get a close look at the art of spinning. Through hands-on demonstrations and detailed explanations, they understood how traditional techniques are complemented by modern technologies to create high quality textile products. It was fascinating to see how these young people marvelled at discovering the processes behind every garment we wear.

A day of curiosity and learning

The day was full of curiosity and learning. The students not only observed, but also actively participated in some of the production stages, which gave them a better understanding of the effort and dedication required to create handmade textiles.

Their enthusiasm and questions reflected a genuine interest in textile crafts, and it was a real pleasure to be able to answer their questions and share our knowledge.

Inspiration and creativity

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to inspire these young talents. Creativity was a key component throughout the day, and we hope to have planted the seed of inspiration in them. Who knows, maybe one of these students will become the next great innovator in the textile world.


We would especially like to thank Eden Travel and Sylvia Calvo for making this enriching meeting possible. Without their effort and dedication, experiences like this would not be possible.

With events like this, we reaffirm our commitment to educate and promote textile crafts, sharing our love and passion for this art with new generations.

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