Australian Wool

Australian wool is internationally renowned for its excellent quality.

The pile of Australian wool is of high quality, soft and curly, uniform length, bright white, good elastic strength, antistatic, also used for fire prevention and thermal noise insulation.

There are four main varieties of Australian Merino sheep, of which the Isaac Merino is the most valuable, bred for the production of high-quality woollen clothing. Currently, more than 80% of sheep in Australia are Merino and they account for 50% of the world's sheep.

The first sheep were brought to Australia by a group of English settlers in 1788. In 1793, John Macarthur bought some Spanish Merino sheep to bring to Australia from South Africa and, after 3 years of breeding improvement, succeeded in breeding Merino sheep that were adapted to the Australian climate and could produce high-quality wool.

What is so special about Australian wool?

Australian wool has a very good reputation in the world, as Australia adheres to strict export standards. Over the years, to ensure the quality of wool export, Australia has established a special wool testing office to provide testing services that have been recognised throughout the industry, playing a very important role in Australian wool sales and export trade.

What are the advantages of Australian wool?

Australia also labels Australian wool products that meet quality requirements. In addition, due to the growing awareness of consumers in the international textile market about environmental protection, to better mainstream and advertise Australian wool, many Australian wool organisations also launch a scheme that makes Australian wool "cleaner, natural and greener".

Where to buy wholesale wool yarn?

At Hilaturas Jesús Rubio you can buy wholesale woollen yarn by simply contacting us using the form on this page. To get an updated price list, or if you have any questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

At Hilaturas Jesús Rubio, we pride ourselves on our first class customer service and we take all orders by email, as we believe this offers our customers a more personal service.

We tailor the composition to the customer's requirements, and we can also advise or study what would be the appropriate composition for a yarn taking into account the use it will have.

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