Participation in the anniversary of the Pacte per a la Moda Circular
September 21, 2023

Hilaturas Jesús Rubio, in collaboration with designer Sylvia Calvo BCN and Texfor (Confederación de la Indústria Textil), has been honoured to be part of the first anniversary of the Pact for Circular Fashion in Catalonia, an initiative that now has 101 signatories including brands such as Mango and Pronovias. This figure has doubled the original 50 that started just over a year ago. The celebrated event took place at the Palo Alto Foundation, the same venue in... Read more

'Accelera el creixement' Programme
September 20, 2023

  On Thursday 14th September, we had the honour of participating in the closing ceremony of the 11th edition of the "Accelera el creixement" programme, jointly promoted by PIMEC and the Barcelona Provincial Council. This initiative aims to support SMEs in the development of a growth plan and provide them with the necessary tools for its implementation. For the upcoming 12th edition, applications have been received from 88 SMEs, of which 50 have been selected and will start the programme... Read more

Fashion Schools in Spain
July 31, 2023

Fashion schools are vital in shaping creative minds and honing their skills to become industry-ready professionals. Fashion is a constantly evolving industry that thrives on creativity and innovation. If you want to pursue a career in fashion and design in Spain, you are in luck. In this article, we would like to list some of the most influential fashion schools in the country.
THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT FASHION SCHOOL Choosing the right fashion school can significantly... Read more

July 21, 2023

Variety: Mohair Fibre Origin: Angora goat. Provenance: Tibet, India, Turkey. Characteristics: Softness, natural shine, light touch and exceptional durability. Famous for its luxurious texture and exceptional properties, mohair has been prized for centuries around the world. We delve into the history of mohair, explore its natural characteristics, discover its various applications and reveal the many benefits it offers. HISTORY Mohair is a type of wool that has an illustrious history... Read more

Nominees for the Green Product Award Fashion 2023
July 11, 2023

The Re-Jut-Cel project, in which we have collaborated with Sylvia Calvo BCN, has been nominated for the Green Product Award Fashion 2023. Re-Jut-Cel is based on manufacturing a natural yarn regenerated from recycled jute coffee sacks and cotton spinning waste fibres. This proposal stands out for its design, innovation and sustainability. Thanks to our experience in regenerated yarns, the yarn has been manufactured in the facilities of Hilaturas Jesús Rubio SA. Sylvia Calvo BCN is... Read more

Camel Hair
July 6, 2023

Camel hair is one of the types of wool with its thermostatic properties and luxurious texture that has captivated over the centuries, both for its traditional uses and its versatility in different areas of the textile industry. The history of camel hair within the textile industry is rich and fascinating. From its ancestral origins to its relevance in today's fashion, this material has proven its value over time. Its softness, durability and insulating properties have made it a perfect... Read more