Fantasy Threads

In Hilaturas Jesús Rubio we are constantly bringing out fabrics with novelty yarns to expand our catalogue and offer more options to our customers. The fantasy effects achieved by mixing yarns make it possible for the possibilities of the products to increase exponentially.

Fancy yarns are made by mixing and matching different types of yarns in various forms. The colours and structure of the yarns contribute to the texture, lustre and thickness of the fabric. The term 'fancy yarns' can cover all fancy and novelty effects and are designed primarily for their aesthetic appearance.

These yarns give fabric designers more room for manoeuvre to achieve a more attractive and exclusive product. Fancy yarns give a special touch to fabrics, making each production a unique piece. The most important demand for fancy yarns is for women's and children's outerwear.

In Hilaturas Jesús Rubio we experiment with different materials and there is still a lot to discover. Knowing the physical properties of the different types of yarns, depending on the machinery to be used at the time of manufacture, is essential to achieve a quality product.

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