Shetland Wool

Shetland wool is the wool extracted from Shetland bred sheep, a breed indigenous to the area. Locals bred these sheep for their meat, fine wool and for grazing.

The oceanic climate, moderate British temperatures and tame flora have made Shetland sheep a hardy breed with high-quality wool. Although not golden, its fleece has been used for many years in knitwear and its export has multiplied due to its world-renowned quality.

Characteristics of Shetland wool

In 2011, Shetland wool became the UK's first Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. Breeders proudly control the production and quality of their wool.

To gain the approval and stamp of wool merchants, Shetland wool must meet a number of characteristics, being soft, elongated, very fine and crimpy. A wide range of colours and fleece shapes are part of the breed's natural make-up. Although they cope well with the climate of the home islands, Shetland sheep have been exported to many parts of the world, and thrive in calm climates.

What are the advantages of Shetland wool?

Shetland wool is warm, strong, soft, durable and the finest wool produced by any British sheep breed. There are 11 official colours and 30 shades, of which pure white, black and reddish-brown are the most common. Island weavers prefer undyed wool. White used to be very common because of the ease of dyeing, but interest in undyed Shetland wool has increased. If the buyer opts for these eleven colours, the breeder will make more money on a rarer natural fleece.

Where to buy wholesale wool yarn?

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