Advantages of Working with Organic Wool

Not all wool on the market is the same. We should always look for organic wool when buying products made with it, as many advertised products have only a small percentage.

The blends have been detrimental to this material, as it has been associated with allergies, itching, etc., which in reality have little to do with it and a lot to do with what is added to it in textile factories.

100% natural wool has very interesting properties, both for us as consumers and, above all, for the environment, which benefits in many ways, starting from the moment it is produced.

The benefits of wool

We have often heard that wool is a material that has nothing to do with artificial fibres, but this is not so. In fact, it has many advantages that make it one of the best fibres for our garments.

Regulates temperature and absorbs moisture

How many times have we worn a thermal T-shirt that ended up soaked with sweat? What happens when we put on a fleece that is not too thick and the sun comes out?

Wool, as well as being an ideal fibre for sustainable fashion, has two fundamental advantages: it regulates temperature and absorbs a large amount of moisture without it being barely noticeable.

So we can wear a woollen T-shirt in cold weather and on those spring days when we don't know what to wear, all without getting hot and sweaty.

Water repellent

If the wool has been processed in a natural way, it contains lanolin. This is a wax that is present in organic wool, which is processed without the addition of chemicals, and which prevents garments from getting wet.

A woollen jumper will not protect us from the rain, but it does not stain if a liquid falls on it, and it does not get wet when we spill a glass of water on our clothes.

Allergies are rare

Although some people claim to be allergic to wool, this is very rare. Allergies usually come from everything that is added afterwards if you buy clothes or articles that have been made with wool that is not sustainable.

Thus, it can be a good material for clothing and homes for people who are allergic to artificial fibres, especially when it repels bacteria and even fungi.

Why wool is the best choice for the environment

Ecological wool is one of the best options for the environment because of the characteristics it has and the way it is produced.

It comes from extensive grazing

This type of wool comes from extensive grazing, in which the animals are free-ranging, treated with respect and reared in a natural way, which gives us the following advantages:

  • They do not pollute the aquifers from which we drink water.
  • They fertilise the countryside
  • Sheep help in the fight against fire and help fight climate change
  • It fixes the population in rural areas and provides jobs.
  • It is compatible with agriculture and the same sheep can be milked to make cheese.
  • The wool is biodegradable

There is a considerable concern, hence the growing talk of sustainable fashion, about what happens to all the clothes we throw away, of which there are now far too many.


With wool, there is no such problem, because as it is a natural fibre nothing happens if a garment ends up in nature or in the landfill, as it is biodegradable. Moreover, if it is sustainable wool, it has no pollutants.  

Many new uses are being investigated to take advantage of it

At present, some of the wool that is sheared ends up in the manure piles of livestock farms, as it has a very low price that makes it not worth selling. 

However, various uses are being explored:

  • It is used in construction as a natural insulating material that does not harm our health and has the advantage that it does not burn.
  • It is already being used on rural roads to repair the road surface.
  • It can absorb oil spills.
  • It can be used as a bio-fertiliser, leaving chemicals aside
  • It is possible that the keratin it contains (like that in our hair) can be used to produce bioplastics.


Ecological wool has a number of advantages that we should be aware of. In addition to helping us to be comfortable, it has other uses that can help us a lot when it comes to having a healthier environment in which to live better.

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