Corriedale Wool

Variety: Corriedale Wool
Fibre Origin: Corriedale Sheep
Provenance: New Zealand and Australia


  • Defined by its medium to soft hand and even crimp.
  • Subtle sheen, giving textiles a gentle radiance.
  • Medium-length fibres, embodying the landscapes of Australasia.
  • Spectrum of natural colours: from soft whites to rich browns.
  • Praised for its balance of drape and durability, and its significance in Australasian textiles.
  • Ensures excellent insulation coupled with good breathability.
  • Corriedale wool is versatile in texture, making it a top pick for both artisans and commercial uses.

Corriedale wool, known for its balanced characteristics, holds a special place among all types of wool. Originating from Corriedale sheep, it's appreciated for its adaptability and moderate warmth, making it a popular choice for diverse textiles.

Its beginnings are rooted in the sweeping landscapes of New Zealand and Australia, where Corriedale sheep, a symbol of Australasian pastoral care, have been selectively bred to produce these adaptable fibres. Renowned for their moderate length and subtle sheen, the fibres of this wool are well-suited for varied climates, symbolising its birthplace's ever-changing weather.


The tale of Corriedale Wool intertwines with the pastoral traditions of Australasia. From pioneering farmers who initially recognised its balanced attributes to its present-day prominence in textiles, Corriedale wool embarked on a path to being a favoured fibre.

During the early 20th century, the wool's adaptability made it a choice material for everyday wear. Corriedale wool, thus, became emblematic of practical luxury, bolstering Australasia's standing for quality textiles.

Throughout the decades, its attributes, especially its balanced drape and durability, have made it suitable for a gamut of uses, from robust clothing to intricate crafts. This adaptability ensured its steadfast presence in the diverse world of textiles.

Now, contemporary designers and artisans, drawing inspiration from Australasian legacy, are fervently exploring Corriedale wool, merging its historical essence with modern-day aesthetics.


Corriedale wool's texture is distinct:

  • Notable for its even crimp and balanced texture.
  • Fibres exhibit a subtle luminance, illuminating creations with a soft glow.
  • Colours vary from pristine whites to earthy browns.
  • A harmonious fusion of insulation, breathability, and strength, sets it apart in the world of wools.
  • Its durability promises an enduring lifespan for textiles crafted from it.


Spanning eras, Corriedale wool's adaptable traits have made it apt for various purposes:

  • Textiles: Everyday clothing, elegant drapes, and shawls.
  • Knitwear: Daily wear sweaters, beanies, and mittens.
  • Crafts: Spun into different yarn weights, catering to weavers worldwide.
  • Home: Comfortable blankets, carpets, and upholstery.
  • Art: Integral to unique tapestries, sculptures, and textile arts.


At its core, Corriedale wool is a medley of Australasian legacy, nature's bounty, and skilled craftsmanship. Its merits transcend mere practicality, bestowing warmth, style, and a touch of Australasian lore.

In today's era, when sustainability is pivotal, Corriedale wool, deeply entrenched in organic practices and cultural importance, emerges as an eco-conscious selection for global wool aficionados.

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