Exhibition "Pastoral Futures"

This past January, we had the honour of participating in the exhibition "Pastoral Futures" presented by Materfad in collaboration with Eina Obra at the Barcelona Design Museum.

This exhibition dealt in depth with the current situation of wool, highlighting its value as a raw material and the research for new applications that are being developed around it.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the presence of the renowned international Dutch artist, Claudy Jongstra, whose work "Tangible Transformation" left us in awe.

"Tangible Transformation II, 2023", is a spectacular tapestry by Claudy Jongstra that is part of Cycles of Growth, a unique collaboration between Studio Claudy Jongstra and EENWERK Gallery Amsterdam,

The exhibition focuses on how wool can create different futures in pastoralism, addressing issues of environment, culture and economics linked to the reduction of grazing and large-scale livestock farming.

It is time to recognise the importance of wool as a material and to explore all its environmental, artistic and ethical implications.

We are delighted to have been part of this event that highlights the vitality of artists and collectives involved in the world of wool and look forward to continuing to contribute to the promotion of sustainability and creativity in this field.

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