What is Merino Wool?

The Merino wool yarn stands out for its soft, pleasant and delicate texture. It is a finish that does not cause any itching, rubbing, irritation or discomfort to the skin. In addition, it is a breathable material, therefore, it provides a good level of comfort in every movement.

Merino wool: what are its advantages in the textile sector?

Below, we describe the characteristics and benefits offered by its use:

1. It adapts to cold and heat

It provides a high level of protection against low temperatures and rain. Even when the product comes into connection with moisture, it fulfills its basic functionality: it provides a pleasant feeling of comfort when in contact with the body.

However, it is a very versatile component. We would like to remind you that it is not only suitable for the winter season: its properties are essential to combat the heat. For this reason, it is a product in great demand in the textile sector because it helps to maintain body temperature.

2. It takes care of nature

We want to point out that it is an element with a natural origin. Consequently, it is a component that enhances the care of nature and nurtures sustainability. How does the product differ from other types of wool available on the market?

Its unmistakable softness and lightness. For this reason, it is used to make sportswear, designs for babies, socks, coats, mountain clothing, and footwear. In other words, it is an ingredient that offers many possibilities and can be combined with other components.

3. It has great lightness

It is a very fine fiber that does not add excess volume, weight or thickness to garments. In addition, the characteristics of its pleasant finish break with a common belief about wool: it does not itch when in contact with the skin for a long time.

In fact, it is a material that is also used to make underwear. It has positive characteristics that constructively influence the maintenance of the garment. For example, merino wool prevents any unpleasant odours from accumulating or lingering.

4. It stands out for its strength, durability and durability

It reduces the formation of wrinkles in the fabric. Moreover, stains that have not reached a high level of depth are very easily removed. In addition to washing the product, following the indications on the label, we must ventilate it to enhance its optimal long-term care.

As we can see, it is a type of wool that has very positive qualities.

Merino wool: discover its important commercial value

Merino wool is a material that comes from the Merino sheep found in different parts of the world: Spain, Australia, South America and South Africa. It has a great capacity to adapt to change, which is why it is present in different environments.

It is a material that has a great projection in the textile sector at present. However, its level of importance can also be framed in the historical context of Spain in the period between the 15th and 18th centuries.

The commercial importance of wool is not only framed in the history of Spain, but also of Europe. In fact, it was considered a type of white gold due to its high value. It is noted for its durability, strength and quality.

Why is it so important to shear sheep that produce this type of wool? 

It is a key measure to reduce heat stress on the animal. It is therefore a routine that is integrated into the preparation for the summer. Generally, the process is carried out once a year.

Although the history of the product shows its relevance in European trade, it is also experiencing a relevant moment today. The quest for sustainability and naturalness raises responsible consumption and the careful selection of resources. 

Furthermore, it is of great importance in the rural world: it influences job creation, the strengthening of the local economy and the development of other opportunities.

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